Thursday, November 23, 2017

ellagee Holiday Sparkle Collection

Late night post, trying to squeeze it all in for your Black Friday shopping!  I told you I'd have a lot to share today and I wasn't kidding!  Thankfully this is my last post of the night and now I'll just sit around watching Hallmark Christmas movies and wait for Black Friday sales to start.  This lovely trio is called the Holiday Sparkle Collection and it's from ellagee.  The Holiday Sparkle collection will be available tonight, 11/24 at 12 am.  They are $13 each.  And don't forget that ellagee is having a big sale...20% off the whole shop excluding customs and gold leaf, just use the code DOORBUSTER.  Let's jump in and check them out!  

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Alter Ego Black Friday IBC Exclusive; Mystery Shopper

Back with another Black Friday post to share!  Alter Ego got in on the Black Friday action by joining the IBC group and creating Mystery Shopper for the event!  IBC is a group of indie brands that join together and have a sale, all using the same code, for a specified amount of time.  This month the code is IBCFRIDAY and it will work from 11/24 to 11/27.  You an save 20% off your order at Alter Ego using this code.  Okie dokie, let's check out Mystery shopper!

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Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Black Friday GWP; Holiday Unwine'd

I'm baaaaaaack with another Black Friday post!  This one about the BEGL sale.  So here's the deets; save 25% from 11/24 at 12:01am EST until 11:59pm EST on 11/27.  There is also a special, limited edition Gift With Purchase called Holiday Unwine'd!  You heard that right...Holiday Unwine'd is FREE on orders over $35 after discounts!  But this gorgeous polish is extremely low supply, only 35 bottle available so get in there quick and place your order right away!  Ok, let's check it out!

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ellagee Black Friday LE; Doorbuster 2017

Morning y'all and Happy Thanksgiving!  Before I get my Turkey on I am taking my family out for a local 5K.  Yes, they moan and groan but they love getting a medal at the end and any exercise I can squeeze in before gorging on yummy food is a good plan for me.  Ok, I have quite a few things to share with you today so there will be several posts and they will all be relatively small (meaning I'll keep the chatter to a minimum).  Let's get started!
Up first I have ellagee Doorbuster 2017.  Doorbuster 2017 will be available on 11/24 at 12am.  Don't abandon your family to buy this one at midnight because it'l be available until 11/27 but it is Limited Edition so make sure you remember!  You can pick it up for $13.  There will also be a sale, 20% off everything (minus Doorbuster, Gold Leaf and custom polishes) using code DOORBUSTER. The code is good from 12am Friday 11/24 until Monday 11/27 at 11:59pm CST.  Let's delve in!
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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Vapid Lacquer Black Friday 2017

Evening beauties!  Almost Thanksgiving, are you ready?  I'm not!  I'll be prepping mashed potatoes tonight, running a race tomorrow morning and getting home to make ambrosia salad before heading to my mom's for dinner.  I also have to keep up with the kids schedules - we ended up being pretty busy, even during the week off!  Thankfully my hamstring is feeling a little better, phew!  But you're here for polish, and boy oh boy do I have an awesome polish post for you today.  Vapid Lacquer is launching a huge collection for Black Friday - some new, some old, all fabulous.  Available Friday 11/24 and the time will be announced in the Facebook group - if you're not a member you probably want to join up real quick!  Ok, let's jump in and check out the goods and trust me, there are LOTS of goods!
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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Press Release: KBShimmer Black Friday Sale

KBShimmer Celebrates Black Friday

When the parades are over, and you can’t stand to watch another football game, you know it is time to get your Black Friday on! So heat up those leftovers, boot up your computer and get ready to enjoy the 2017 KBShimmer Black Friday sale.

2017 Brings you 17% Off – Let’s end the year with a bang! We need shelf space, and you want great deals, so this Black Friday we are offering 17% off the entire site! Use the code provided on 11/23 to enjoy 17% off all nail polish and nail care products, sugar scrubs, cuticle oils and creams, lotions, rainbow tools and more! The only thing not on sale is gift certificates. For the best deal, stack the discount code with our door buster deal!

Door Buster! Over the past year, each show we have attended we have done a show special. This Black Friday we are bringing that show special online! For just $49.99 you will be able to fill one of our holographic zipper bags with 6 polishes of your choice. You want 6 of the same color? Go for it! Love holos? Fill that bag with sparkly polish! You choose what polishes you want to fill your bag with, the possibilities are endless! Even better, when you stack already low price with the 17% off code, the price is shockingly low!

Available while supplies last so shop early!

Join our email list at the link below or watch Facebook for the coupon code for the sale. 

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Born Pretty Store Geometry Stamping Plate

Good afternoon dears!  How's Monday going?  Hopefully all is well and you'll be headed home soon.  I've had a fairly busy day and it'll be this way most of the week but that's alright, at least there's no school so I can sleep in a little.  But I did hurt myself at soccer last night so I'll be nursing a pulled hamstring this week in the hopes that I recover in time for the turkey trot on Thursday and the Thanksgiving soccer tournament on Friday night.  Fingers crossed for me please.  Ok well, I wanted to get back on here real quick so I can get as many posts shared as possible this week.  I have more nail art using a cool geometric stamping plate from Born Pretty.  I have actually used a few of these images already and love the simplicity of the patterns, you can use the designer over cremes, shimmers, glitters and they all look great.  You can pick up the Geometry Stamping Plate HERE for $2.99.  Let's jump in and check it out!

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