Wednesday, March 21, 2018

786 Cosmetics; Petra & Istanbul

Evening friends!  Tonight I come to you from the comfortable front seat of my car while I wait for my kids to finish their soccer practices.  I'll be here for a good 2 hours before I get to head home, boo hoo.  At least it's not raining!  Well for tonight's post I have I have a new to me brand to share with you.  786 Cosmetics is a Halal nail polish brand that is vegan, 7-free, alcohol free, no animal products, no animal testing and Wudu friendly.  Let me preface this by saying I'm definitely not knowledgeable in Muslim practices or understand the meaning behind the need for no barriers/breathable makeup.  The 786 site does a good job giving a quick explanation but if you want to go in depth I'd suggest hitting up google.  What you'll also notice on the 786 website is that there's a nice selection of natural shades to choose from and they aren't overly pricey.  I have Istanbul and Petra to share with you now, both are currently available on the site.  Let's check them out!

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786 Cosmetics: Website, Facebook, Instagram

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

China Glaze; Chic Physique, Spring 2018

Morning!  It's a rainy day here today so I skipped out only morning run and opted to lay around on the couch feeling sorry for myself.  I probably should have just run!  But you don't have to feel any guilt about your workout or lack there of with the brand new Chic Physique collection by China Glaze!  I love the "workout" inspiration for these shades and I have workout clothes to match all the shades in this set.  Chic Physique is a set of 12 new shades meant to compliment your athleisure lifestyle, they are all available now at Ultra and Sally's for $7.50 each.  Aside from the 12 shades there are also 3 Pre-Glued Designer Nail Tips and 2 nail design kits! The Nail Tips are $9.99 each, the nail art kits are $10 and $15.  Let's delve in to the post!

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Zoya; Thrive Collection, Spring 2018

Evening dears!  Hope you had a fabulous Monday and the day went by quickly.  My oldest shipped off to Science Camp for the week.  I'm curious if you went to Science Camp because it seems that other states don't really do this, I'm in Northern California.  Anyways, after some tearful goodbyes I'm just ready for Tuesday, actually I'm ready for the weekend!  But I'll plug along until then (not like it'll be any more relaxed than the crazy week schedule).  Tonight I have the Zoya Thrive Collection for you to enjoy.  This is a fabulous 6 piece collection with nice shades that sit somewhere between pastel and bright, just the colors your nails need to lift your spirits from this cold Winter!  The Thrive collection is available now and you can pick them up for $10 each or the complete set for $60.  Let's get to the pictures and check them out.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Le Chat; Dare to Wear English Rose Collection, Spring 2018

Afternoon!  I'm rushing around, so typical.  Need to drive over the hill to Aptos to get a race bib for tomorrow.  I swear, my life is ruled by races and soccer.  LOL, I wouldn't change it, I love it!  It's going to be a rainy day race, that's for sure.  All this rain definitely has me in the mood for Spring shades and the new Le Chat English Rose collection totally fills that need.  This collection is 6 creamy pastels that will make fabulous Easter Egg nails and will be nice transition shades into the Summer.  They're also all kinds of perfect if you are tired of bold and dark colors.  You can pick up the lovely English Rose collection over at the Le Chat website now for $6.95 each. Let's jump in and check them out!

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Stella Chroma for Girly Bits Exclusives; Queen Of All My Dreams & Pilot Of The Storm

Good morning sweets!  How's the morning treating you?  It's Thursday, we are almost to the weekend *insert cat hanging from a branch poster* and Hang In There!  I remember my childhood best friends had one of those at her house and I always thought it was cute.  So today I have exciting news!  Girly Bits will begin stocking Stella Chroma on 3/20!  You know what that means...EXCLUSIVE SHADES!  There are 2.  They are both fabulous.  You will need them.  Queen Of All My Dreams and Pilot Of The Storm will be available over at Girly Bits staring on 3/20 for $17.75 CAD each.  Alright my friends, let's not dilly dally with banter, let's check these faboosh polishes out! 

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dreamland Lacquer; I've Got Another Puzzle For You

Afternoon dears!  It's another rainy day here, like soft showers with bouts of heavy downpour in between.  But now I'm just cold and sleepy.  I've got a pretty polish to share with you though, it's orange and bright and reminds me of Summer.  So yeah, I'm trying to trick myself in to being warm.  This is I've Got Another Puzzle For You, a custom for the Orange You glad to be Here Facebook group.  You'll be able to purchase IGAPFY 3/15 - 3/31 for $10.   Shall we jump in to the post?  

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Stella Chroma Hella Handmade Creations, March 2018 - The Nightwander, Peri-Wrinked In Time & Pluminescence

Evening all!  I got a break from being a shuttle driver today and got to make dinner (soup since it's raining and cold) and I even just took a little pre-bedtime nap.  But I'm still freezing! So I'm in a blanket and taking a few to share a post featuring the Stella Chroma holos for the Hella Handmade Creations group (fka Hella Holo Customs, aka HHC).  These are some uber holo beauties that are surely going to make your day!  You can pick up this Stella Chroma/HHC trio for $13 each, starting 3/14 at 12:01am EST.  They'll be available until the end of March.  That's in like an hour!  So let's jump in and check them out.

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